I’ve been away for a minute – but it doesn’t mean I love you any less, blog. Full update on where I’ve been and what I’m up to in the early new year (hint – I’m starting my own business, talk about distracting!). For a Christmas quickie, I wanted to share a few vintage elements […]

Who is this foodie gift guide for? Who is a “foodie”? Well, do you eat food? Know someone who does? Yes? Then you qualify! I have either purchased, hope to receive, plan to gift or have been eye-balling/swooning over every item on this list. It is my goal that you can find just the right […]

*Allison aka Time Machine Taste Tester here – below please find an awesome guest post from my awesome friend Whitney from vinthea.com. She is filling in with some tasty vegan recipes while I’m being all busy, boring and diet-y. I hope you enjoy!* My name is Whitney. My stage name is Vinthea and we are […]

I’m overdue for updating everyone on the weight loss competition – in a surprise move, I was NOT cut from the team last week and I’m still in it!  I was shocked that I lost 3.5 lbs since the last weigh in (they are every 2 weeks). During that time, I traveled to Austin, TX […]

Every now and then I get the pleasure of writing for additional outlets. I like to share links to those pieces here: Chef Chris Raucci, Corporate Chef for Ted’s Montana Grill – hot off this presses, this interview just posted today. You might remember Chef Chris from my lesson on cooking bison he so generously and […]

You might think my eating has been bland during the weight loss challenge. You’d be WRONG. Does this look bland to you?     The food from Good Measure Meals is good, don’t get me wrong – but I still like to amp it up a little bit with my own seasonings. One of my favs […]

I started into the Pumpkin Spice in late August in an attempt to coax fall weather my way. Like a rain dance, I have to report – it worked. It’s that time of year and it sounds like a broken record from every girl everywhere – but I’m okay with embracing that… Pumpkin Spice!!! Oh […]

Drumroll please………….. I not only made it through the first round of cuts for the Northside Hospital New Start, Weight Smart Challenge – but I surprisingly (to me most of all) had the greatest weight loss on my team (9.8 lbs)!  EXHALE – PHEW! Oh yes, this was on TV today… extra extra, read all […]

Status update on my weight loss competition journey… I started out STRONG – weighed in (aka tipped the scales) and then started eating SUPER healthy, no more wine (wah!) and was working out. Holy moly! And then… a punishment for my awesome healthy behavior (in a competition no less), I got a CRAZY, insane, what […]

Friends, countrymen, lend me your ear… I’m afraid I have lost my mind. I’ve signed up for the “Atlanta & Company” 2013 Northside Hospital Weight Smart Challenge. This means I’m doing a local weight loss competition that will be ON TV! Someone called me Brave… yes, let’s go with that. I’m beginning to feel a […]