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Cookie Monster: My pregnant search for the BEST chocolate chip cookie in Atlanta

While I was pregnant in late 2011 and early 2012, I was hungry for one thing most of all… sweet treats! Nom, Nom, Nom… Because I’m a weirdo I started telling people I was on a mission to find Atlanta’s best chocolate chip cookie. A few kind hearted people asked me if it was for […]

They Got A Pepper Bar OR “Getcha getcha getcha self set ‘cause it’s time to have pep”

So in my refined home, when I pass the pepper grinder to my husband I tend to growl out the “they got a pepper bar” line from an old Quizno’s commercial. Classy lady. Sometimes he smiles, more often than not I get an eye roll. Pepper is exciting in our home because my husband has […]

Why do it, Doogie?

Doogie pic 1