Cookie Monster: My pregnant search for the BEST chocolate chip cookie in Atlanta


While I was pregnant in late 2011 and early 2012, I was hungry for one thing most of all… sweet treats! Nom, Nom, Nom… Because I’m a weirdo I started telling people I was on a mission to find Atlanta’s best chocolate chip cookie. A few kind hearted people asked me if it was for a blog I was writing (foreshadowing?) or story I was paid to write and I had to share that no, this was basically my excuse to order a chocolate chip cookie anytime I saw it to feed my two-a-day (cough.. three-a-day) sweet treat habit while pregnant.

It was fun to say I was on this search as my cookie purchase excuse and then it evolved… it became real.  I thought more and more about those cookie bites before (more like while) I went all crazy cookie monster on them. What would I rate this one? Was it worth a return visit? Is THIS the best chocolate chip cookie in Atlanta?

I wish I had more closely documented this “search” along the way. I remember a few recommendations – one in particular was from my father-in-law pushing for the Publix bakery cookie to be rated #1. I tried it along his urging (and purchasing) and guess what… he was wrong. Way wrong. I felt like innocent Harry (Jeff Daniels) in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd (Jim Carrey) is giving him the diarrhea tea with a sneaky smile. As he sat across his kitchen table, smiling and biting into his Publix bakery cookie nodding my way I thought “hello, does he even KNOW me?” It was soft. Too soft. Where were the chunks of chocolate? I usually detest the word “chunks” on a menu, but love it when it pertains to cookies. I didn’t taste butter. What was this thing? Of course, I ate the entire cookie because it had been an eternity (6 hours) since my last dessert – but I wasn’t happy about it. Don’t get me wrong, the Publix bakery on the whole is great –but they can keep their chocolate chip cookies – a non-pregnant Allison says “pass.”

What more, my own husband – my spouse – my partner for the last 13 years bought the soft Entenmann’s cookies for me. Um, hello? What is this kibble?!? They were worse than the Publix bakery ones. Of course, I had to try a few to make sure – but then I left them alone.

Nobody understood. I wanted the flavor of the cookies I had growing up – the recipe from the back of a bag of Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips – but chunkier chocolate, bigger than  my mom scooped them and I didn’t want to make them – just buy them.

Finally, while lunching with my friend Amy at Muss & Turner’s in Vinings (a haven for pregnant ladies who are warned not to eat lunch meat and crave sandwiches because their sandwich proteins are legit – real roast beef, real turkey, you get it) I found just the cookie I had been searching for – I thought basically nothing about it as I added it to my order from the display case. Ordering cookies was basically my new second job – and I was really good at it – like about to get a promotion from myself good at it. So I took my first Muss & Turner’s cookie to go and gobbled it down back at the office. It was my dream come true…. Crunchy and buttery on the outside, chewier on the inside and HUGE.

I shared my obsession with the Muss & Turner’s cookies with all three of the owners: Todd Mussman, Chris Hall and Ryan Turner – on separate occasions. I have been told they might be willing to share the recipe with just me, but honestly I don’t know that I’ll really make them myself when they do such a good job and I can get a yummy sandwich at the same time. And I’m still waiting to see that recipe in my email inbox. Plus, let’s be honest – after gaining 50 lbs while pregnant and not losing it all at once, I do NOT need to be baking big batches of cookies at home.

I enjoyed my experience and will continue to sample any chocolate chip cookie put before me and give my 2 cents on it. So, bring them on. This IS me issuing a very tasty challenge. 


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  1. Singing “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C!” LOVE!

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