Monthly Archives: September 2012

“Swapping Spree” Girls Night In

A fun party idea  my cocktail club group did last week: Swap til you drop! We all have those items we’ve outgrown, our tastes have changed or never used. For this in-home “Swapping Spree” party we each bring items we’re ready to part with to re-energize our closets and homes with a few new finds […]

Spiced Party Pecans

So, I hoped to uncover a great retro party nuts recipe – but guess what? Life happened, I didn’t get around to it in time for a gathering I was having at my house and ended up googling a recipe from my office with just enough time to pick up ingredients on the way home. […]

You Are What you Eat

While discussing baby boy’s first Halloween and what he should be I am overwhelmed with options. Babies, like dogs, in costume = irresistible! A sweet friend bought me a “baby chef” costume for Baby Boy when I was expecting. That will definitely make an appearance. I also have plans for another homemade costume (inspired by […]

Baby Food Diet

I remember hearing about the Baby Food Diet a few years ago… and laughing. Check it out: Great real people, that food is for babies who are introducing one new food into their system at a time. Show some self control and just eat healthy! (uh, – – oh yeah, moving on). We […]

Patio Skillet Bread

So, it’s time to really rev up this time machine and see where the ol’ girl takes us. I dove into my grandmother’s 9th annual Pillsbury bake off cookbook. Although it was undated, I did the bake off math – it was from 1958. This thing is AHmazing. Some of the recipes are exciting: Hidden […]

Olive Juice

Remember when you would mouth to someone on the playground “Olive Juice” so they thought you were saying “I love you”? Was that just a Kansas 80s elementary playground behavior? Well, I’m here to revise my past weird whispers to say: I LOVE YOU, OLIVE JUICE! By olive juice, I mean olive oil, not the […]

Meat Millionaire: The $27 grocery store single steak

So as I’m sure a future post will detail, my hubster and I are on a 24 day cleanse (no sugar, refined carbs the whole time, no alcohol or caffeine for the first 11 days) – SO, as we were on day five this Saturday, I had an unusual hankering for some red meat. Knowing […]

Life is short: Make a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s

I thought I would head out today in pursuit of old kitchen gadgets and cookbooks from yesteryear to a local estate sale. In my early teens, I occasionally attended estate sales from with my maternal Grandmother – with whom I was very close. I had fond memories of walking through homes with her looking for […]

Cans, Annie! It was only Caaaaans

I hope everyone enjoys my obscuro “Speed” quote for this blog entry title. I couldn’t think of a better way to intro my exciting find of the week – these limited edition Andy Warhol Campbell’s tomato soup cans exclusively launched at Target stores today. The cans were made to commemorate the 50th anniversary sinceWarhol created […]