Meat Millionaire: The $27 grocery store single steak

So as I’m sure a future post will detail, my hubster and I are on a 24 day cleanse (no sugar, refined carbs the whole time, no alcohol or caffeine for the first 11 days) – SO, as we were on day five this Saturday, I had an unusual hankering for some red meat. Knowing I had to stick to lean proteins, only one red meat fit the bill: Bison.

I headed to Whole Foods to check out what they had. The butcher dept/meat counter team was very helpful and recommended I try the bison rib eye since I was less familiar cooking bison and it would be more difficult to screw up. I asked a lot of questions on seasoning it/how to cook and was recommended Borsari salt blend (“not too much”) and to grill (“not too long, it will cook quickly”). The service was remarkable and as I received my ONE steak (we were going to share) I realized:

  •  “Wow – I CANNOT estimate at all how much a piece of meat is going to cost.” $27!!! I almost gave it back, but had to pretend to be unfazed like some extravagant meat millionaire.
  • Hubby is going to freak out.
  • Hubby can absolutely not know how much this cost – ever…

I was ready to have a “nice” dinner at home – but not to the tune of fine dining prices. Check out this pic of me having meat buyers remorse in the parking lot:

Now my chef friends (professional and home chefs) who might stumble upon this post probably think I’m a total cheapo for reacting like this. But here’s the deal – I wasn’t 100% sure about the job I would do cooking this thing. So does that help?

I sneakily hid the wrapped steak in the fridge (on the weird pull out tray/rack he’d never look at, but still towards the back just in case he explored). We’re pretty open with money and expenditures – but this felt beyond anything before. I agonized for 2 months before finally committing to buy my new Kiehl’s lotion this week (btw: Orange Flower & Lychee, check it!—Hand-Body-Lotion/1428,default,pd.html?cgid=body-aromatic-blends&cm_vc=Search&start=3&q=orange%20flower%20%26%20lychee%20collection) because it felt like such an indulgence and it was less than this one raw steak I haphazardly purchased.

I unwrapped the steak without allowing hubster to catch a glimpse at the price. Even when he asked me how much it weighed so he could plan grilling time accordingly, I jumped in front of him and raced to the garbage can to check the label I tossed myself so he wouldn’t see the cost.

  Here’s a pic of me nervously seasoning my “gold bar.” I crossed my fingers and toes it would turn out well – and you know what? It was amazing! So lean, grilled to perfection. The recommended seasoning salt, Borsari (, was a nice addition. I made these Lime Cilantro Sweet Potatoes ( to go along with it and they were also delicious. It’s fun to find a new healthy option for meat and potatoes.

Here’s hubby loving the final bites of his dinner (um, yeah – we eat at the coffee table – busted!) – with my littlest future food critic looking on in the back ground. He guessed the steak cost $30 when I refused to tell him how much it was – and since he overbid I told him it was a mere $27 – a whole $3 cheaper than he thought.

So here’s the rub, now I love eating bison at home but don’t want to be dropping the big bucks on it every time we make it. Any ideas?

Have you ever accidentally overspent for a meal or a certain recipe at home?



  1. My mom orders bison meat online and has it delivered. I think it’s cheaper that way? I’ll have to ask her for the link. It looks like it turned out AMAZING!!

  2. I agee with you on the Bison price, I order on line and the 3 day delivery cost a lot too, I spend over $ 100.00 on 3Lb. of ground meat and 2 tendeloin stakes, but I also know that is much helthier than beef, even chicken, is it worth it? If you can aforded …. yes …

    1. Where do you get it from? I wonder if Ted’s Montana Grill will sell me some.

      1. I order from ” ” they have a minimun of $ 50.00 for deliver

  3. Raquel Petreccia · · Reply

    I agree, Bison meat being better tasting and I don’t see a problem with making it a “treat” once in a while. 😉
    Great story.

    1. Thank you! I didn’t mean to write a blog about it, but it became so laughable at the store that I just blew my budget I thought others could relate/enjoy. I did the same thing at Valentine’s Day making a $50 pot of lasagna soup. It was awesome… but still… we should have gone out at that price.

  4. I have a bison hookup here in savannah at the market. Bring the cooler…….. And Reid!

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