Baby Food Diet

I remember hearing about the Baby Food Diet a few years ago… and laughing. Check it out:

Great real people, that food is for babies who are introducing one new food into their system at a time. Show some self control and just eat healthy! (uh, – – oh yeah, moving on). We are still doing well on our cleanse – a full report on that when it’s over in about a week.

So while hubster and I were at dinner I had an epiphany (to overstate it). What does my son’s food taste like? Right now he’s just about 4 months and only having bottles, but for the hundreds of formula servings I’ve mixed up for him all summer, I have NO idea what his food actually tastes like.




I mean, he eats it – in fact it’s all he eats – so it’s proven to be edible – and he’s a baby/more fragile in the tum-tum department than I should be so it’s low risk of making me sick (high likelihood of grossing me out).

Baby Boy drinks between 25 and 30 ounces of Similac each day. Could I handle taste testing about one?

Things bouncing around in my head before I tried it:

  • I hate drinking milk. (I drain my cereal on the spoon)
  • It would be funny to drink it from the bottle nipple, but have SOME class and drink it from the rim of the bottle.
  • It is powder.


Check out this action shot of me mixing my own bottle – martini style! Need a bartender that only knows how to make bottles? I’m your girl!

So I faced my own bottle today and you know what? It takes like vitamin milk. Not gross, but I don’t like milk. I didn’t even get a full ounce down – just a tiny sip. (I also enjoy that it looks like I’m wearing a beret – I’m not).





I will continue to pop his new tasty treats in my own mouth while they go in his so I can see what his baby foods taste like – but so far so good. This fun and games should only last the next 6 months or so until he eats “real” food – but I’m game. Stay tuned.





  1. Only you my friend!

    1. really? when I realized I hadn’t tried it I felt behind the curve…

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