You Are What you Eat

While discussing baby boy’s first Halloween and what he should be I am overwhelmed with options. Babies, like dogs, in costume = irresistible!

A sweet friend bought me a “baby chef” costume for Baby Boy when I was expecting. That will definitely make an appearance. I also have plans for another homemade costume (inspired by an 80s movie) for my little buddy, if I can just get it together.

I like that everyone asks me what he’s going to be like we’re going to a TON of parties with a baby. Um, so, we’ll just be sitting around the house (candy outside for trick-or-treaters to keep the insane dog barking circus to a minimum), but I still plan to dress him up as many times in October as possible and have lots of orchestrated by mom photo shoots (my specialty). Hubster is somewhat involved in baby boy’s costume team (playing a supporting role, if you will) and he asked me what I was going to be.

I LOVE costumes, but after feeling nauseous last Oct while prego and making hubby be the toddler in tiara while I played back up as stage mom I felt like I was going to hang up my costume focus for a while and turn my energy to baby boy.

Then we were buying diapers in bulk at Babies R Us (G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S) and I saw this costume.. are you kidding me? Does it come in adult size? I love everything about it. Tutu – check! Cookie monster head – check. Cookies all over the skirt? Amazing! Too bad it is only for 6 year olds. I could make a mess of anyone’s Halloween party throwing teddy grams ALL over yelling “Cookies!!!!”

Got me thinking… how many food related/melt your heart/laugh your butt off kids costumes are there out there?

My son’s “girlfriend” Maggie already has one outfit scheduled – a strawberry – so cute!!

Here’s a quick round of up my favorites found online – and don’t worry –pics of baby boy in his gear to follow shortly:
















Go here to check out more:

What’s the cutest food related baby costume you’ve seen? Post a link for me in comments!


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