“Swapping Spree” Girls Night In

A fun party idea  my cocktail club group did last week: Swap til you drop!

We all have those items we’ve outgrown, our tastes have changed or never used. For this in-home “Swapping Spree” party we each bring items we’re ready to part with to re-energize our closets and homes with a few new finds from our friends. And we donate what’s left over to a local women’s shelter. Win-win-win!

The secret to being a good host is not keeping up with the Jones’s, but sharing the best you have to give with your guests. With that, as a new mom, I planned ahead in order to pull off this weeknight fete: presented local farmers market items to snack on and a self service bar that was clearly laid out so guests would feel comfortable helping themselves throughout the night.

Check out the bottled water customized with labels for a fun and inexpensive personal touch (packing tape and printed paper). As hostess, I gifted each guest with a fashionable reusable “shopping” tote bag to take home their new finds in style. An inexpensive, but thoughtful touch. I hope my friends enjoyed our evening as much as I did!

What kinds of gatherings do you and your friends love?



  1. Looks like it was such a blast!!! Love the touches of the bags and water bottle w/custom labels. Truly the hostess with the mostess! I want to recreate a night like this – what were the rules, did everyone bring 1 or multiple items? How did the swap happen? what happened to left overs ? Suggestions?

    1. I almost brought in clothing racks, but then I didn’t want to deal with them afterwards. We did “show and tell” style presentation of our swaps – everyone brought a different number. Per blog 🙂 I’m taking all leftovers to a women’s shelter I work with. Good cause!

  2. It was a blast! Thanks Allison. You really know how to throw a party!

  3. Where did you find the reusable gift bag? Love the idea!

    1. Burlington Coat Factory – can you believe it? They are the best – I use them all the time now. And no more than $3 each.

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