Cleanse – Baby weight loss jump start

I know it took me 9 months to gain all of my baby weight, but with my body settling down on losing these last 25-ish lbs from my pregnancy 4 months ago, I knew I needed to change it up to kick my weight loss into gear…

Pre-baby I ate modified south beach style. I tried to limit my carbs and sugars – but the second I got morning sickness that was out the window and I was a carb monster. I didn’t expect this September cleanse to result in major weight loss, but I really wanted to detox off my body’s addiction to carbs/sugar/etc so healthy eating would be easier to maintain.

Thankfully my hubby agreed to join the Advocare 24 day challenge with me. Here’s a short diary of how this went down for the last month:

Day 1 – Let’s do this… 10 minutes later hubby is gagging on the fiber drink and telling me to hold my nose while I drink it. Uh oh.

Day 2 – planned work meeting over drinks (doh! I want some wine).

Day 3 – planned work meeting over coffee (doh! I want some coffee… And better planning skills.)           Oh, how could I forget? An entirely new low –  emergency bathroom stop at a bowling alley – I needed anonymous and quick. It worked.

Day 5 – $27 steak ( You know what would go really well with this steak? Red wine! Wah!

Even though there is a lot of complaining… I actually feel good. No massive caffeine withdrawals (thank you pregnancy for the early cut back) and know it won’t be long before I can sip some wine again. Made a deal with myself today to give up diet coke, if I can have coffee and wine back. Sold.

Day 6 – Falcon’s First Game – big party. I avoided all of the crazy snacks, but splurged on the lowest cal drink I could think of – La Croix, Vodka and fresh lime juice. (and a jello shot, okay two).

Day 8 – If I can just get back my coffee and wine, I vow to give up diet coke. Is this the bargaining stage of grief?

Day 12 – Coffee is back. I’ve had some wine. I can handle the healthy eating thing.

Day 14 – I’ve lost 6 lbs. I know I have to keep up the eating to maintain, but feeling more like myself (post baby).  Family trip to Peachtree Road Farmers market. Meant to leave at 10 a.m., made it out the door closer to 11 a.m. (baby schedule is different than pre-baby) – made it to the market just before it closed at noon. Hubster liked it a lot. New family activity?

Day 17 – NO more pills. I’m gagging every time I have to choke one down. Fiber pill, probiotic, etc. I’m bailing on this part of it.

Day 24 – The end is here. I’ve lost 8 lbs of baby weight (19 more to go – uh!) but MOST importantly I’ve broken my addition to sugar and carbos. I can handle healthy eating choices (lean and green) from here on out. Going to keep the healthy eating portion up!

Now I’m about 2 weeks after this official end – and I’m 10-12 lbs down since the beginning of Sept overall. Not sure how much was lost in the bathroom vs. the gym (sorry, it’s gross, but true) – but I’m sure there is some real weight loss in there somewhere.

Keeping up the lean and green eating. Still no diet sodas (lots of iced coffee and sparking water though). Will keep you posted on what I actually find to eat/lose/maintain… I’ve had to totally rethink my approach to food and cooking. It’s like starting from scratch… I can do it though!





  1. Wish you had told me about your bathroom issues. That is definitely NOT normal on the Advocare cleanse. We could have made some changes to fix that. Sounds like it gave you the jumpstart you needed though!

    1. don’t worry – there were about 48 hours of craziness. The rest was great – or you would have heard about it 🙂

      1. Good to know!!!

  2. Great job!! That takes some serious dedication!

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