Love ‘em or Leave ‘em? Fresh Green Bean ends

So, what’s the ruling? Am I supposed to cut the pointy ends off of fresh green beans or not?

I thought yes, but then felt wasteful during the last few times I’ve chucked almost half of my green bean pieces in the trash. Here’s an image of my cutting board good vs. trash (by the way, I KNEW I was taking this pic for the blog and was less wasteful on my cuts than usual).

Also, hubby and I recently enjoyed a dinner at Southern Art ( where Chef Anthony Gray (he’s on the next season of Bravo’s Top Chef that starts airing in Nov) left the ends on and they were tasty/didn’t gag me by hitting me in the punching bag/uvula.

Everything I’ve found online for either camp is explained as basically “I do X because that’s what my Mom/Grandma/etc. did.” – no other reasoning.

Now I’m totally confused! Which way should it be done? The beans I’ve bought at the grocery seem gnarly-ier than the fine dining ones I’ve eaten.

Need to hear from you all on this one.


One comment

  1. I kind of like the beans in a can. Frenches? Is that what they are called? They don’t have ends on them. I think it’s ok either way… it’s more a custom. My family always cut the ends off. I think it’s b/c the ends tend to be wiry and tasteless.

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