Green Bean Ends Part Deux – the update

Since my last post on green bean ends (do you cut and toss or eat?), I have heard back from Chef Anthony Gray at Southern Art (twitter stalk along with me: @southernart and @anthonyfgray) who said: “it’s all about the bean you choose. We use young tender beans.”

Ah ha! So that’s why the ends still are tasty.

I also bumped into Gena Berry last night. She knows a few things about food – check her out: and on twitter: @genaberry.  She let me know that she snaps the stem end only and then pulls the thread off with it. Whoa! Why are these basics so mind blowing to me?

I do appreciate the feedback from my culinary, in the know, friends. Someday I might be half as good at cooking as them!


One comment

  1. You can’t go wrong asking a pro! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

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