Found this little gem in a retro cookbook called “Gourmet Fare.” I loved the name and basically decided to give it a go from that alone.

I did tweak it a little from its original version:

  • Ground turkey was substituted for Ground Beef or Pork
  • Brown rice was substituted for white rice
  • I used 2 lbs ground turkey vs. 3 (too much food/meat)
  • While I was tearing up chopping onions (what is the actual cure for that?), I thought the recipe called for WAY too many onions. I did just two vs. the three it called for and it was perfect.
  • I used fire roasted canned tomatoes vs. regular canned ‘maters

I enjoyed that these make my house smell awesome while they were cooking. The rice mixed into the meat was an interesting twist. I served it up with some green beans and it was a yummy meal. It’s somewhere between meatballs and meatloaf – but done quicker on the stove with lots of onions and a little rice.

I mentioned what I was making to Mom and she said my grandmother had a handwritten version of this recipe I could come check out at her house. We haven’t been able to locate it and Mom thinks she might have tossed it years ago because it had sausage and she thought she’d never make it… boo!

I actually loved this recipe. I’m glad I tried it out because of its funny name and am excited to dive into my leftovers. Two big thumbs up and I suggest you try it. I might add extra tomatoes next time since I liked getting them in every turkey bite – I think we just found a great new healthy meal addition to our regular dinner recipes.

Seriously, I just finished the last of the leftovers at my lunch yesterday and they were delicious. This is a great meal that you can enjoy for days – I was craving them. Try it out and let me know what you think.


One comment

  1. I was wondering what those were b/c of the funky name. They look very yummy!! Kind of like meatballs.

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