Roulade of Turkey – subbing pig for bird aka go full H.A.M.

I found a great cookbook, Atlanta Cooks for Company, at the estate sale I went to a while back. I actually found an exact copy later that same day at Goodwill while searching for cookbook treasures. So then it went to the top of my stack.

This cookbook rules. It was recommended full menus for entertaining – broken down by meal style: brunches, luncheons, teas, at home, dinners and holidays – MOST importantly, these menus include both white and red wine recommendations. It also recommends centerpieces, invitation styles, etc. for each type of event. Love it!

So I started flipping around and marking a few recipes I that caught my eye. In the future, I’d like to try a full menu – but this week I just stole a luncheon item I thought would be good for dinner… Roulade of Turkey.

So, the recipe calls for wrapping both turkey and ham around asparagus. I’m not down with the two lunch meat combo – so I went full ham. (

Rachael Ray and her 30 min meals don’t have nothin’ on this recipe. It took about 5 minutes to prep and then another 20 in the oven to warm up. SO easy I couldn’t believe it.

One misstep – I forgot to “water down” the soup with milk as recommended before I poured it on, so I added a little milk after and spooned it around.

It was also my trick to get hubster to eat asparagus. He does not want this home cooking spree to end, so he has to try everything I make. I think he actually liked it. (yes, I’m sneaky like this – I actually bought “deceptively delicious” about hiding pureed veggies in your kids food before I had a kid so I could do it to my husband).

This would be a great mid-week meal option when asparagus is on sale – OR for one of those brunch potlucks that you just don’t know what to bring to. Check out the plated pic so you can see that the soup doesn’t look as straight up soup on the actual plated dinner – just added a little flavor, but you don’t eat gobs of it.



  1. I wonder if that would work with prosciutto?

  2. I think it would, but might not get too crispy. 🙂

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