Monthly Archives: November 2012

Extreme Cheapskates – fail

I caught a few episodes of “Extreme Cheapskates” on TLC. After watching just how intense these extremos were (peeing in a jar, homemade reusable toilet paper), I was surprised to hear of one of the money saving tips that actually appealed to me. One of the most extreme of all mentioned that he and his […]

Give me some of that Yum-Yum (or don’t?)

Totally made this one because of its name – Ham Yum Yum! You know if you sing “Weird Science” to yourself while it’s cooking, there is something awry. I should have known from the start that meat and milk is a weird combo. Also, I get peeved when a recipe references an ingredient (milk in […]

Eat Your Veggies – the post-Thanksgiving healthy meal

So, this month my doctor told me to try to eat 10 fruits and veggies a day. That’s a combo – not 10 of each, but still… seriously. On a good day I usually get what? 5? Aye yie yie! In an effort to try to cram as many veggies into one meal as possible […]

Minty Apple of My Eye

On a recent visit but the Dekalb Farmers Market I checked out the fresh herb section looking for menu inspiration. I came across awesome smelling bunches of fresh mint. I immediately thought drinks! (think outside the glass, missy). And then I started thinking what kind of food could I make using this fresh mint? The […]

Bison 101 – I’ve been schooled

After somehow hearing of my bison woes (, Executive Chef Chris Raucci from Ted’s Montana Grill sent me an email offering to help. Chris is a super nice guy and in charge of what gets put on plate at the 40+ locations of Ted’s Montana Grill ( nationwide. As you may know, Ted’s Montana Grill […]