Minty Apple of My Eye

ImageOn a recent visit but the Dekalb Farmers Market I checked out the fresh herb section looking for menu inspiration. I came across awesome smelling bunches of fresh mint. I immediately thought drinks! (think outside the glass, missy). And then I started thinking what kind of food could I make using this fresh mint?

The week before, I was at Star Provisions ( and had an incredible Apple olive oil and fresh mint salad. For those who may not know, Star Provisions is the high-end take out arm of super fancy highly-rated ATL restaurant Bacchanalia. Going there is such a treat – I get to check out the yummy foods and peruse their store. Highly recommended.

As if I didn’t love Star Provisions enough already, when I bought the mint I tweeted them about it and asked what else was in the salad (I couldn’t pinpoint the acid, but guessed it was lemon juice) AND they told me! Check it out.

I love it when a business just gets it with social media. They know I’m not going to open my own olive oil mint apple salad stand and that I’m not going to frequent them any less because they shared and I can make it myself – actually, quite the opposite – now I want to go there more!

So here’s my version via photos. The recipe is so simple it would be difficult to mess up. Of course, I bought different apples (Fuji) because I didn’t know they used Galas until I left the store. Don’t get hung up on those tiny details. Any apples should work. That tiny bottle in the pics is my sample of Georgia Olive Oil. I’m a fan. It has a wonderful full flavor.

I’m actually going to bring this to Thanksgiving at my mom’s house and a potluck church group gathering because it’s so simple, fresh, tasty and yet a little bit special/different. Let me know if you try it out (or score your own recipe from Star Provisions). 


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