Give me some of that Yum-Yum (or don’t?)

Totally made this one because of its name – Ham Yum Yum!

You know if you sing “Weird Science” to yourself while it’s cooking, there is something awry. I should have known from the start that meat and milk is a weird combo. Also, I get peeved when a recipe references an ingredient (milk in this case) that’s not in the ingredient list. Things just weren’t going my way…

And then I got splattered while cooking it and let me tell you, brown sugar glaze burn hurts more than a normal burn because you can’t get it off and it keeps searing your own meat.

This sounds horrible, but the end result of buying a ham steak and cooking it was tasty. I think I would probably skip the boiling caramel stovetop move next time and go straight into the oven under the broiler with some brown sugar for the crust effect without the drama. I also enjoyed making a random slice of ham at home (not going full honey baked party style). It was affordable and with some tweaking could be a regular thing.


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