Foodie Holiday Gift List

Isn’t everyone a foodie? We all eat, right? I find it hard to believe only a select few of us actually care about what we eat enough to earn the title, but I guess that’s a thought for another day. I keep seeing “Foodie” holiday gift lists and got to thinking about all of the kinds of foodies out there. I think here are at least:

  • Fancy food at a restaurant foodie fan
  • Crazy about wine and therefore into food foodie
  • I like to cook at home foodie
  • I like to bake at home foodie
  • I have my own organic garden foodie
  • I’m awesome at entertaining and therefore serve food
  • I eat food

Which one is this gift list for? I think there is probably something for every possibly kind of foodie here and maybe just some safe bets for holiday gift exchanges/secret santa gift giving opportunities to the potentially foodie OR non foodie set. Who is this not for? Millionaires who can buy anything off of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list. O, I love you, but I can’t afford $550 gifts for everyone. Thank you for the cool ideas, but now I need ones that wouldn’t put me into bankruptcy.


Are any of these on your wish list? Any you would consider giving? Click the item name for a link to where to buy online.

  1.  Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender $34.99
  2. Georgia Olive Oil  $32
  3. Landmarc’s Famous Caramels $20 only 20 calories each!
  4. Chalkboard Spice Jar $10 – $12 I nearly tripped over my own feet when I saw that they had new ones with gold lids in the stores. “I like Goooooold.” You could use this for ANYTHING. They aren’t too teensy for uses other than spices and you could write a cute seasonal message (I’m leaning  towards “holly jolly”) on them when you gift them. I’d be thrilled to receive this filled with a homemade hot cocoa mix.
  5. Personalized Wishbone Necklace $28
  6. Keep Calm and… signs $14.95 – Check out these cute options from etsy seller: Keep Calm Shop. And great deal, it’s buy 3, get one free. I think a few of these babies in chic white ikea frames would make great gifts to food loving friends. My personal favorites are “Keep Calm and Take Out” and “Keep Calm and Curry On”.
  7. Stand Mixer decals $12 – if your pal is lucky enough to already own their own stand mixer, maybe they are ready to customize it. I’d be a little nervous to select a design for them, but maybe a gift certificate to the House of Smiths store to pick out their own?
  8. Vintage Cocktails book  $31.47 right now on Amazon – Love this book – handwritten recipe style!  Take this gift to the next level and buy the items for one the drinks. Holeman & Finch Bottle Shop can help you out with that here in Atlanta.
  9. Wall Herb Garden $129.95 – I have no clue how this can be vertical or how the water drains, but I pulled a page out of my catalog and stuck it up on the fridge of this guy.  My kitchen doesn’t allow for herbs on the window sill, so this would be an awesome option to have them nearby, fresh and ready to go.
  10. Foiled dot napkins $24 – These beauties from Anthro (short for Anthorologie, we’re all in on that now, right?) beckoned me from across the store. I think they scream “Kate Spade Chic” with a lower price tag and would be a welcome fresh addition to anyone’s table year round.
  11. Savannah Honey  $15 – winter white is my fav. One of those little things people love, but don’t always splurge for  themselves. They also have a great grill honey for the men/grillers in your life.
  12. Le Creuset Mini Cocottes – $60 for a set of three. Through the end of the year, $20 from each purchase benefits No Kid Hungry. Super cute gift for a great cause.
  13. Microplane ribbon grater $14.95 – One of my new favorite kitchen tools. This thing is sharp – like cut your fingers off sharp, but it tells cheese, carrots, spices, anything you need to grate who’s boss.
  14. Gold Bow Napkin Ring $7.99 for set of 4
  15. Ikea Dish Towel 79 cents each – I love these suckers. At only 79 cents, you should too. Would be a great addition to any gift basket  with some of the edible products or gather a few for stocking stuffers. OR add a few to a cookbook gift.
  16. Come in, We’re Closed $20 right now on Amazon– Recipes from staff meals from the top restaurants in the country. Who wouldn’t want to know about those? This book is new and highly rated.
  17. Kate Spade Coffee Mug $20 – Inspire your gift recipient with these mugs. “Seize the Day” “Skirt the Rules”? Okay!
  18. Custom recipe art $45 –  This is heirloom style stuff people. Etsy seller ThirteenWinks will take your favorite family recipe and create a custom piece of art with it. I would LOVE the family “sauce” recipe like this – that’s the meatball and tomato sauce recipe from hubster’s paternal grandfather. OR the cranberry salad recipe from my mom’s grandmother we eat at every holiday gathering.


  1. Thank you so much for including our decals in your gift suggestion round-up!!! 🙂

    1. Glad to include your decals. The designs are too cute. Happy Holidays!

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