Crisp Cheese Triangles



I love the holidays, but I still get twitchy and nervous when I get invited to a party where everyone brings a food item to share. I feel like my food is a middle school student, desperate for everyone to like them.

I knew the holidays were a PERFECT time to hit up my old cookbooks for Christmas-inspired recipes, but I was skeeeered to bring a new recipe to feed to a group without a test run at home. As I’ve mentioned before, I do have a 9 to 5 AND a baby boy – so even though trial run-less sharing isn’t my favorite it just had to go own like that. So, I played it safe.


I dove into my Better Homes & Gardens Guide to Entertaining book from 1969. Check out the cover of this book – I want to be at that party RIGHT NOW. Super chic people. Well, upon closer look – that girl in the pink dress REALLY doesn’t want to sit by that couch creeper if she’s on the arm of the sofa – but I’ll put it out of my head and just focus on the fact that I want to be anyone else at this party.

cropped recipe

Lucky for me – there were a grouping of recipes of a “Trim the Tree” party. It included Crisp Cheese Triangles. I hit up the grocery store between meetings on my work day to pick up “the goods.” I wasn’t familiar with the Liederkranz cheese in the recipe ingredients list so I made sure to go to Whole Foods so I could ask the cheese monger a ton of questions. The first woman I asked behind the counter was not familiar and then the gentleman in charge was asked about Liederkranz cheese and while he was familiar – he scrunched his face up and said it was a VERY strong stinky cheese which made me too scared to serve to a group without a trial run. I showed him the recipe and asked for a more crowd-pleasing option and he recommended Fontina cheese- so there’s edit #1.

Cheese Triangle collage

Recipe edit #2 came by way of the bread. I was now standing in a bakery and could not bring myself to not “upgrade” to a French baguette.

Recipe edit #3 – I started worrying that just cheese bread would end up being a weak offering to a party where people with more time and pizzaz in the kitchen were probably making something incredible so I picked up a Bella Cucina jar of artichoke lemon pesto – thinking it could be served with the bread as an optional topper at the party.

From there everything else was pretty much according to the directions. I had never buttered/cheesed both sides of bread before putting in the oven, but the outcome rocked. Highly recommended. Timing was about right. I had the bread cool on a baking rack (afraid that if I threw into my serving dish too soon the cheese would glue them all together).

It’s a winner. I’d probably be a little more generous with the paprika and dried mustard next time – and maybe add a little garlic salt – but I love the idea of blending cheese and butter for making part of an hors d’oeuvre in the future.

Thank you chic retro party book!


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  1. “I feel like my food is a middle school student, desperate for everyone to like them.” hahahaha! I know the feeling. The woman on the cover of the book is stylish and ready to run into the kitchen for refills. I’d follow her directions. Thanks for the new recipe! I might try it with the family over Christmas

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