Deconstructed Oreos


So, I’ve been known to make a few deconstructed items. It’s usually when I want to skip a step or two. Recently I didn’t feel like filling a piping bag for cannolis, so I took the filling and put it in a bowl with crushed cannoli shell on top: deconstructed cannoli.

I did not mean for these oreos to join to deconstructed set, but when something doesn’t work out that’s just what you get.

I was an underdog from the start. Armed with my copy of Bouchon Bakery.  I thought, I can totally make these! The book was just released Oct. 23rd and truly is beautiful. If you know anyone who loves to bake consider gifting them this book. rated it as one of the 10 best cookbooks of 2012 (

I was lucky enough to attend a recent book signing at Aria restaurant in Atlanta and when I asked Sebastien Rouxel how to approach the book at the novice level he said “start at the beginning and work your way through it.” I figured I could totally rock these TKO’s (Thomas Keller Oreos) since it was only on page 40 (of 399 pages).  Plus I munched on some of the professionally produced versions at the signing and loved them.

Who was I kidding? I am NOT Thomas Keller or Sebastien Rouxel  – or anywhere near the same galaxy of their skill level.

Non-pro move #1 – you mean you need a scale when recipe measurements are listed by weight? I thought it would totally work to eyeball a 4.4 oz white chocolate VOLUME measurement IN A BABY BOTTLE instead of by WEIGHT. (Seriously, who has a kitchen scale?) The bag said 10 oz. and I figured that was weight, so I did just under half, which just so happened to also match volume measurement of 4.4 oz. I get it, I’m not hosting a bake sale soon…

ImageThe chocolate shortbread cookie dough was easier. The cookies still ended up super cute on their own. I chose to do smaller versions that the palm sized ones shown in the book. I ended up with what I can best describe as a much better version of chocolate teddy grahams.

I went to fill them with the baby bottle measured filling and realized I had a problem. It was liquidy loose. I put it into a piping bag thinking if I could control where it went it wouldn’t matter that it was just a little thicker than water. Wrong. I put it the in the freezer. No help… hence I went with the deconstructed route.

Still tasty, but I realize I need to either shell out for all of the tools these pros use or be okay with desserts I attempt in this book coming out a little bit different.

Have you ever made a deconstructed food item? Was it to pass off a mistake or intentional?



  1. I think I may have an extra – digital scale you can have….. have to dig around for it. But… um….yeah your kitchen needs one. 🙂

  2. Everything I try to cook ends up “deconstructed”, if that is in fact that term we are using for “mistake”? 🙂 Your deconstructed (non-mistake) cookies, look very tasty. I love the shape.

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