I was reflecting back on my favorite childhood memories of McDonald’s and actually have quite a few. We didn’t go there too often – maybe once or twice a month. I just recently asked my Mom why we only went that often – money? Health? And she said it was because she wanted to make sure we were eating healthier food (go mom!). Here are a few of my favorite McMemories:

“Cooked Meat”

                My mom was BIG into making sure our meats were thoroughly cooked growing up. Burnt/charred/well done was how we did it. This really connected with my younger brother, Chris, growing up. And every time mom would ask what we wanted at the McDonald’s drive thru he would request “a happy meal with a hamburger with ketchup only” and then yell “WITH COOKED MEAT.” Like they were giving out raw meat burgers… of course Mom would never order it that way through the speaker so he would insist upon shouting for her to add “COOKED MEAT” just in case.

Big 6 AKA Guest List Fail

                Kindergarten was probably the height of my love with McDonald’s.  That year I was lucky enough to have my birthday there. It was a fun party and I looked cute, but most of all I remember being so pissed that my younger brother Chris was going to attend. Um, he’s not one of my friends. What gives? Mom made it clear in no uncertain terms that he WOULD be attending and somehow I was okay with it but knew he wouldn’t be a real part of the party. Next thing I know, it’s party day and a clown has arrived, and I turn around to laugh with one of my friends and spotted baby brother playing one of the games with the clown. HOW DARE HE? So super stupid that is what I remember from that baller party now, but that is what I had the biggest reaction to the whole day.

And now may I introduce the photographic evidence…





                I have no idea if the burger onions are the same at Micky D’s now-a-days, but when I was little and ate burgers I detested the idea of onions being on my happy meal burger. My mom loved onions and I felt like I ate them by proxy from breathing her oniony breath and hated it. Even though the onions on a happy meal burger were like tiny pieces of well cooked rice, I would lose my sh*t if they were on there. I had to sacrifice at least one strong fry to scrape them off. Worst part of my day and totally stupid/laughable now.

Post Kindergarten boxed lunch

                ImageWhen I was in kindergarten it was a half day situation and I was the AM class – which meant I was home by lunch. Mom being the supportive loving mother she is, used to pack me up a sandwich and other lunch items and packed them into a happy meal box (yes, not those crap bags they have now), which I would gladly take downstairs to enjoy my “boxed lunch” while watching Sesame Street. I thought it was the coolest to have my lunch in a McDonald’s happy meal box. It made every meal a happy meal.

McDonalds menu song

                In 1989 when this commercial came out singing the entire McDonald’s menu – – I memorized the entire thing. One Sunday in the paper there was even a papery RECORD with the song on it and because it was the 80s and I had easy access to a record player at home, I practiced until I got it right. Yes, this was before DVRs folks. It made me super proud – I can only do a part of it now… time marches on. 



  1. A little jealous that you got a McDonald’s sign shout out for your b-day!

    1. Yes, I remember it being the only message up there at the time though. Maybe I couldn’t read the rest yet?

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