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Foodie Pen Pals – January’s Haul

Foodie Pen Pals? What’s that? I stumbled across this program reading a few blogs and spotting their “I’m a foodie pen pal” buttons back in Nov. I got in touch with the founder and signed right up. Check out the link and see if you’d like to be a part of it. General rules – […]

It’s Log

After inhaling this awesome olive cheese ball at my friend Ashley’s holiday gathering, I requested the recipe. She immediately sent me this pic via text (maybe handwritten recipes CAN live on) and the note to cut the salt in half! I decided I’d make for having a few people over (plus I really just wanted […]

Candy Girl

I scouted this bag of Sugar Coated Fennel seeds at Buford Highway Farmers Market for $1.69 while buying “real” groceries and thought I would try it out. I love fennel… looks fun. First bite, I knew the flavor – Good & Plenty! Of course, they are tiny and crunchy so the texture is totally different, […]

Homemade Recipe Cards

After catching up with Grandma’s recipe books/collection, I realized I need my own recipe cards. I shopped on etsy a bit and realized that I either needed to be a Daddy Warbucks (“hello, letterpress recipe cards – I like your style, but at $3 a pop I will FREAK if I scribble something incorrectly on […]

Hitting the (Grand) Mother Load

I like to think my maternal Grandmother and I kindred spirits. I’m pretty sure she felt similarly – if not exactly – the same. When she passed away in 2008, I went numb. Finally in a fit of holiday/end of the year nostalgia for the first time since she passed, I pulled up her beautifully written eulogy […]

Food Year Resolutions

Seeking my own food related new years resolution ideas, I decided to ask a few tastemakers: “What’s your Food Year resolution?” Check out the great responses below. They might even inspire your 2013 list! Jennifer Bradley Franklin – writer and editor, all around food aficionado. On Twitter: JennBradley Virginia Willis – Chef and Food Writer (among many things!) On […]