Food Year Resolutions

Seeking my own food related new years resolution ideas, I decided to ask a few tastemakers: “What’s your Food Year resolution?”

Check out the great responses below. They might even inspire your 2013 list!


Jennifer Bradley Franklin – writer and editor, all around food aficionado. On Twitter: JennBradley


Virginia Willis – Chef and Food Writer (among many things!) On Twitter: @virginiawillis



Andrea Gray Harper – Owner of Savannah based Gray Harper Event Maker, generally stylish gal who loves food. On Twitter: GHEventMaker



Sonia Chopra – editor Eater Atlanta  On Twitter: @soniachopra 



Michael Erickson – Director of Marketing Fifth Group Restaurants On Twitter: @FifthGrouper



Lindsay Livingston – Dietetic Intern, Blogger ( and founder of Foodie Penpals. On Twitter: @LeanGrnBeanBlog 



Chef Zeb Stevenson – Executive Chef at Livingston Restaurant + Bar / Proof and Provision (Atlanta, Ga.). On Twitter: the_chef_z



Tami Hardeman – Food Stylist and Running with Tweezers blog author. On Twitter: @runwithtweezers

As for me, I’m still working on my list – but since people very near and dear to me have been telling me in no uncertain terms to “slow down” recently I’m going to stick to something basic. Right now I’m thinking my first resolution will be to learn how to make perfect scrambled eggs. It sounds approachable and like something I will benefit greatly from. I love eggs, but when I make them at home they are always messed up. Pan too hot? Do I stir them too much? I don’t know, but I bet I have some friends who can help me 🙂


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