Homemade Recipe Cards


After catching up with Grandma’s recipe books/collection, I realized I need my own recipe cards. I shopped on etsy a bit and realized that I either needed to be a Daddy Warbucks (“hello, letterpress recipe cards – I like your style, but at $3 a pop I will FREAK if I scribble something incorrectly on you.”) or be throwing or receiving a recipe themed wedding show (super cool idea, BTW, but don’t need those cards myself now). 

I always see cool things other people make –  then get real with myself and know I won’t enjoy the project/have patience mine won’t turn out good – and I bag the idea or move on to buying one already finished. Because of this, I’ve seen so many super cool things done with this Wishy Washy tape. 

Lightbulb!  I could use the tape on regular index cards to get a cute look for SUPER cheap.

I ordered 500 index cards for just over $5 (200 pink, 300 white) and then three rolls of Wishy Washy tape from an Etsy seller for around $7. Sidebar – check out how cool my thumb nail looks in this pic – it’s black background with gold lace print (from OPI). 

Check ’em out! I love them – I think they are super cute and can’t wait to write a few more out. 


One comment

  1. Your nail polish was distracting me from the recipe cards – love it! But now that i’ve focused… I really like the cards! They turned out beautifully. GREAT idea!

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