Candy Girl


I scouted this bag of Sugar Coated Fennel seeds at Buford Highway Farmers Market for $1.69 while buying “real” groceries and thought I would try it out. I love fennel… looks fun.

First bite, I knew the flavor – Good & Plenty! Of course, they are tiny and crunchy so the texture is totally different, but I love ‘em.

One benefit of these is you know they are going to be crunchy… such a risk with a box of Good & Plenty – you never know if you’re going to break your teeth off or have yummy soft ones.

Per McCormick (the spice co)’s website “Roasted and sugar-coated Fennel Seeds are still used today in India and Pakistan as an after-dinner digestive and breath freshener.”

Bonus: Candy is my new gum!

Are tiny spices my new candy? TBD. Not sure it fills the mouth feel desire I have, but for a quick flavor blast I’m in. 


One comment

  1. Sounds yummy!!! I swear you find the coolest things.

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