It’s Log


After inhaling this awesome olive cheese ball at my friend Ashley’s holiday gathering, I requested the recipe. She immediately sent me this pic via text (maybe handwritten recipes CAN live on) and the note to cut the salt in half!

I decided I’d make for having a few people over (plus I really just wanted my own access to go crazy eating it).

As the recipe details, you need to chop everything super small – I was feeling lazy and busted out my beautiful kitchen powerhorse, my Viking food processor.


While I love how easy it was to dump everything in, I think something was lost in presentation by getting it so smooth/indistinguishable. Now granted, Ashley and her husband were two of the people coming over to eat it so I knew I didn’t have to explain what all was in it to them – but maybe I’d just rough chop the olives next time OR buy an extra can of sliced black olives to cover the outside with (and for bonus points, dress the plate with a few fresh whole mushrooms). I know that’s a bit food network/food styley/not real life, but it explains the ingredients pretty well and might help sell it.

The cheese was still super tasty (same ingredients) – but I’d like it to be 5% less gray with a little more identifiable ingredients next time. And yes, there will be a next time.

Do you ever help dress up a dish to show what’s in it? 


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