My Foodie Valentine


Chalk another one up to my craft corner. From the girl who brought you homemade mulling spices at Christmas – this time it was hand crafted Valentines using vintage food artwork. 

When I was little my grandma made me two framed collages for my room using her vintage valentines from grade school. I loved looking at them and have ever since longed for a day that those came back into style. 

This year I decided to do it myself and craft some from art I found on the net. The project seemed easy enough – I only used printed out valentine artwork I found online – card stock, glitter and envelopes I already had on hand. But after cutting those little suckers out three separate times, I was over it. AND that was before I unintentionally glittered my entire house. (check out the photo of me pressing them between gluings between cookbooks and a 9×12 glass casserole dish- fancy!). 


I also couldn’t help but think of ANYTHING but the creepy principal in Billy Madison who hand crafted Billy that enormous Valentine while i made them – which I did like.

So, no – I will not be opening a hand crafted valentine store – BUT I hope that they brought a smile to the faces of the recipients. 

Since it’s hard to tell in the pics – here are a few of the retro fabulous foodie sayings that were on the cards: 

  • Hot Dog! I’d relish having a Valentine like you!
  • I’m going to “Pop” a “Corny” question… will you be my Valentine? 
  • Please do-nut say “no” – Be my Valentine. 
  • “Soda” you want to be my Valentine? I love you!
  • You suit me to a Tea Valentine
  • Maybe I’m just a “small fry” but I’m a “good egg” with a “heart of gold” Be my Valentine
  • Gosh Valentine don’t you like me just a “weenie” bit? 



Which one is your fav? 



  1. Maryellen · · Reply

    So cute! Poppop got his today and it is adorable!!! Such a cute idea, the egg is definitely my favorite.

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