Red Hot Cherry Jello

cherry jello collage


cherry jello recipe

FINALLY – I unintentionally felt like a contestant on “Chopped” (my FAV Food Network show) in my own kitchen! Throwing the red hot candies into boiling water on my stove is reminiscent of 50% of the “Chopped” episodes where they get some funky candy to incorporate into their recipe for their entrée course.

I picked this recipe from my Grandmother’s binder stuffed with loose recipes, clippings, etc. I have no recollection of her making it – but it does fall into the “this sounds so gross it must be either amazing or disgusting” and I knew I had to try it out. It was also very mysterious… on a photo copied recipe card from another’s recipe book. Seems like a lot of effort to track down. Must be good, right?

I had the applesauce and cherry jello on hand for a few weeks – but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find red hots until you are searching for them. I couldn’t find at the grocery store or most drug stores – until I found these movie sized boxes of the chewy red hots at Walgreen’s – close enough!

Here’s the deal – it was actually good. You wouldn’t want more than a small portion at once, but the flavors were interesting and I liked the texture of adding the applesauce in.

Retro jello salad recipes are generally scary – but this one’s a winner!


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  1. Seems intense! I’d be interested in trying it 🙂

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