Foodie Pen Pals – February’s Haul

As I mentioned last month, Foodie Pen Pals is my new jam. It’s a super cool, easy and inexpensive way to exchange fun foodie packages with like minded fun people. It’s easy to join and a monthy opt in (so you’re not stuck doing it FOREVER if you get busy/have a tough month/want to make a break). Check out the details here.

foodie pen pals

This month I received a fab gift package ON VALENTINE’S DAY from Christine at the Whimsical Bakery in Ontario (oooh, international pen pal!).

You may be familiar with my low-key Valentine’s Day plans… so having a box of amazing sweet treats arrive on that special day was really the icing on the cookie!

Everything was so sweetly wrapped up together by baked item type: heart shaped brownies, chocolate oreos (with heart print on them), peanut butter chocolate cookies (notice the heart shaped dove chocolate!) and heart sugar cookies. The treats were beyond tasty – but I also really appreciated Christine’s attention to detail and incorporation of the holiday inspiration on each and every treat. If you check out her webpage, this isn’t surprising.

Are you so jealous yet? Are you signing up?

Feb Foodie pen pals




  1. My friend is doing a snack exchange through Reddit and isn’t happy with it. I sent her a link to this post b/c i think it’s amazing!! SO jealous of your amazing package 🙂

  2. Really sweet parcel (excuse the horrendous accidental pun!)

  3. BTW – I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Check out for more information.

  4. Thanks the the wonderful post Allison .. so glad you enjoyed your sweet treats .. if you are ever in Canada, please visit us at the bakery !!

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