Monthly Archives: March 2013

It’s Soup Again

Get it? Billy Madison reference? I’m still saying it over and over again in my head giggling. But this blog is not about door bell ditching with flaming poo bags – it’s about soup! I’m calling this one “Kitchen Sink” soup for TWO reasons. One: I filled up the sink with peels from everything that […]

Wanna see my JUNK?

So many ways I can go with this title…  One time I had dinner at a new (at the time) friend’s house and her husband (sitting directly across from me) said to me: “It’s time for you to see my deck” – but he had a super strong southern accent and I didn’t think he […]

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oreoooooo Cake, Oh, Oh, Oh… Oh, Oh, Oh

Mostly just photos for this one. When happily tasked with making my baby bro’s 25th bday cake this weekend, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration. Oreo cake you requested? Coming right up! I thought this one would have major capacity to be a Pinterest Fail, but I decided to risk it. Smashing 25 oreos into […]

Eating Your Feelings AKA Brooklyn Italian Bakery

It was with a heavy heart that I made a sooner than previously expected return visit to Brooklyn this week to have the funeral for my husband’s beloved paternal grandfather – Pop Pop Frank. While the 2.5 days I was in town pretty much just oscillated between mourning, riding in a car and eating, eating, […]

South Beach Schwag-ger

Last weekend I attended the South Beach Food & Wine Festival for my first time. I’ve had the fest on my radar for years and was glad to finally be able to make the trip. I wanted to focus on reporting out on one of the best event give-a-ways I’ve ever received. My own customized […]