Wanna see my JUNK?

So many ways I can go with this title… 

One time I had dinner at a new (at the time) friend’s house and her husband (sitting directly across from me) said to me: “It’s time for you to see my deck” – but he had a super strong southern accent and I didn’t think he said “deck.” Obviously, I was confused so I sat motionless and did nothing, except fight back giggles and karate moves. He followed it by standing up, walking towards me and saying “you still haven’t seen my deck.” At this point he reached towards me, time stood still, I panicked and thought about rolling backwards out the window and he reached to the back door (behind me – just to add to my heart attack) and opened it to show me his DECK. Ohhhhh! D-E-C-K. This “junk” reference reminded me of that … 

This weekend I browsed Goodwill (ah, how I love thee!) and came up with some pretty rockin’ treasures: 


  • Iced tea maker – everything was still in original packaging inside. Iced tea party for $5.96? Yes, please!
  • Coffee cups – to be clear, I DID NOT buy these… but I did giggle when I put this wonderful collection together for myself on the shelf. “World’s Best Boss” “#1 Mom” AND “You’re the Best”? Thank you, thank you! 
  • Gilligan’s Island cookbook – okay, I have a lot of cookbooks so I almost didn’t even take a look, but I’m so glad I did. I watched a lot of Gilligan’s Island (and Brady Bunch, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction) after school in the 80s. So, when I found “Mary Ann’s Gilligan’s Island Cookbook” I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Upon closer review at home – it is SIGNED by Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) – score! – is peppered with hilarious photos from the show – double score! – AND has an episode recap at the end of all of the shows (ep 13: Three Million Dollars more or less – Gilligan wins three million dollars from Mr. Howell on some golf bets, and the others all treat him differently because of his newfound wealth) – they are on an island right?? Hilarious! Triple-score!! And best $1,50 I’ve spent in a long while. More pineapple based recipe updates to come. 

So, do you like my junk – or what? 




One comment

  1. What did they cook on Gilligan’s island?!;)

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