It’s Soup Again


Get it? Billy Madison reference? I’m still saying it over and over again in my head giggling. But this blog is not about door bell ditching with flaming poo bags – it’s about soup!

I’m calling this one “Kitchen Sink” soup for TWO reasons.

One: I filled up the sink with peels from everything that went in it (check the photo evidence). Real chefs would chastise me for not keeping those and making a stock or something fantastic out of them. Good thing I’m not a real chef – peels went in the trash.

Two: I randomly grabbed items from my fridge while I was cleaning it out for trash day to make it.

Wow, these references (poop, trash day) really aren’t selling it. I think I made the best soup ever and I just went with my gut instincts – no recipe – so I’m not sure I could ever replicate.

Last time I made sweet potato soup, I mentioned it to a chef (Chef Lowell Lea to be exact – check him out here) and he asked me if I roasted the potatoes first. Um… no… that’s why you’re a chef and I’m just playing around. He told me it would make them much more flavorful and I took note.

This time I roasted everything I was throwing in there – sweet potatoes, onion, apples and carrots. I just drizzled olive oil and threw some salt on top and put them in the oven on “convection roast” (did not even know that was a setting until then, so call me a pro) for about an hour.

Here’s where my “how does she do it all in a day?” façade is blown. I didn’t. I meant to – but then I got tired and didn’t feel like getting out a cauldron and finishing making them into soup – so I put the roasted veggies in the fridge and revisited them TWO days  later when I had time after work.

Hot tip for amateurs (like me)- there is a BIG difference between chicken broth (which I used last time) and chicken stock (which I used this time). I was staring/zoned out looking at the broths/stocks in the soup aisle at the grocery store and a very nice woman asked me to move my cart because I was in the way. She knew what she wanted – I trusted her “just grab what I KNOW I need” style and asked her what the difference was. She asked me: “do you want it to take like you’ve been making it all day or would you prefer lighter?” ALL DAY! Duh, I want to fool everyone that I’m crazy good at things with short cuts – she told me to get stock then. And then, poor lady who just wanted to get on with her day, I asked her which one to get. I had to get out of this twilight zone aisle I was hypnotized in and needed her. The answer was Swanson’s – and that’s what I bought.

So TWO days later, I bust out one of the giant pots, dump veggies in, pour broth stock over them and let them simmer. I opened up my spice drawers and added a few pinches of anything that caught my eye: sage, cinnamon, all spice and salt.

Again, I vegged (like my soup – get it?) on the sofa and almost didn’t finish the soup that night –  but powered through and got out my immersion blender (do you seriously not have one of these yet? What are you waiting for? They are incredible. Was this gift guide not enough motivation?) and pureed it up.

This soup RULES – it looks like sweet potato, but tastes super robust. I want to gobble it down. 



  1. You almost lost me with the poop & trash talk, but that soup sounds amazing! 🙂

    1. I know, I know… But it was soooo good and I made it lazzzzy style 🙂

      1. That’s usually when something turns out best 🙂

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