Monthly Archives: April 2013

Asian Supermarket Tour

I stumbled across a posting for an Asian Supermarket Tour on twitter and was intrigued. I’ve been venturing out (read: driving further) to try out different ethnic markets – but the ones I had been to were a hodge podge of multiple cultures – not hardcore on just one. When I saw the tour led […]

Time Stamp (time to stamp)

Not a food related post, but a tie to retro-throwback-ness of the handwritten note.  I’m a BIG fan of handwritten notes – giving, receiving – I love it all. They stand out in a world of text communications.  Back when I found my iced tea maker and gilligan’s island cookbook at Goodwill, I also found a HUGE […]

Feeling Punchy

When I think of spiked party punch, I think of: Swingin’ retro parties in the 60s Punch at bars starting their comeback in 2011 (that’s when I noticed, may have been earlier) Non-spiked version we always served at sorority stuff (Hawaiian punch, sherbet and sprite?) Hunch punch served from a hotel bathtub (gag) in Panama […]