Strawberry Fields Forever at Warbington Farms

Thanks to a hot tip from one of my fav new websites – Red Tricycle Atlanta – and their article, “The Time is Ripe. Awesome Berry U Picks near Atlanta” – a seed was planted… that we would be picking berries as a family in some sort of wholesome picture perfect serendipity (and soon). 

Based on other weekend plans (yep – just like you, we’re juggling our lives on weekends like the weekdays), we decided to try out Warbington Farms in Cumming, GA. 

What a treat! I called ahead to just to make sure they were open/had berries (recommended) and heard a kind and inviting voicemail that assured me I was welcome to join them that day. Hooray! We arrived around 4 p.m. (they close at 6 p.m.) and found out that the fields had been over picked by over 500 guests already that day – but we were welcome to enjoy their other amenities. Here’s the deal – I didn’t even care. The other stuff to do there was so much fun that it was fine to leave the berry picking labor to someone else. 


For $10 we were in! ($5 per adult, baby boy was FREE). We enjoyed: 

  • A “hay” ride that involved being pulled by a tractor in a giant open air trailer that had bench seating through picturesque pastures with the big event of stopping in a cow field where their feeding bins were  tightly positioned on either side of our ride. They were fed and gathered right up next to us. If I were 5 years old, I would have lost my mind. It was pretty cool at 32 (until the pooping began – what do you expect? We just fed them… thankfully and mercifully we pulled out of there shortly after). 
  • Petting Zoo – Want to see a pen full of chickens close up? How about just all of the BABY animals they have in one place? We didn’t even pay to feed the animals (frankly, our hands were full enough with baby/camera/his sippy cup) and it was great. There was a TINY goat. The guy (boy) working the area told me she must be very young because she wasn’t there last week! Baby bunnies, baby birds… oh baby, they had babies. PS – don’t wear flip flops like me. Just don’t. 
  • Tons of inflatables – too scary for our little guy, but if you have older kids they had at least 3 giant bouncy inflatables to enjoy – as well as a swing set and a few different slides across a field. Lots of space to run, bounce and burn off some energy/all of that excitement the cows brought up!
  • Homemade Strawberry Ice cream – okay it was $2.75 more for a small cup (plenty for me, hubby AND baby boy) but if I see a homemade ice cream sign, I’m going to have a bite. It was awesome. The snack bar had many other options (boiled peanuts, popsicles, chips, sandwiches) – but my recommendation is the homemade strawberry icecream. They switch to blueberry later in the season when it’s time to pick those!
  • Sandbox turned corn box – they called it the “corn crib” – down in the play field they have adapted a giant sandbox to be filled with dried corn kernels for the kids to play in. Less dirty, super fun. The kids were going way too wild in there for my liking when we walked by with baby boy, but I did pull some kernels out for him to touch/play with. 
  • Strawberries – as I mentioned, we missed the pickin’ – but picked up a bucket of the pre-picked berries for $12 on the way out. Can’t wait to dive into them this weekend!

All in, I had NO idea how much fun and how inexpensive a trip to a family farm might be. I’m adding this to our rolling adventure list. To top it off, everyone who worked there was over the top nice to talk to. For less than $30 we all had a great time and have a bucket of berries to enjoy. 

Final review: Come for the berries, stay for the baby goat. 

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  1. I love petting zoos! 🙂 Looks amazing. That baby goat is too much. 🙂

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