Is World Market the new Anthro?

Popped into Cost Plus World Market during my lunch break today and fell in love. With what? Almost everything!

I snapped a few quick pics of a few key kitchen items that caught my eye.


The jar set is VERY similar to one I put in my foodie holiday gift list from Anthro – but only $4.99 each (vs. $10-$12 at Anthropologie)

The chalkboard labels are too cute and only $3.99. Thought it couldn’t get better? They come in hearts online!

And the ceramic egg crate is only $5.99. Why oh why do I want something so impractical so darn much? Would be a super cute way to organize earrings in your bathroom too – but wait, what’s organized jewelry? I just pile mine up…

I was thinking of a very homemade Christmas this year (have a few things in the works) – but now I think I might pepper in some World Market gifts. It’s June and I’m thinking about Christmas. Do you  think that’s odd? We have to get to know eachother better! 🙂


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