24 (food and vintage filled) Hours in Nashville:

Here are the highlights from my late Friday/mid-day Saturday in Nashville. 






  • 3 Estate sales (yes, I did find a set of 8 vintage low profile champagne glasses I’ve been looking for.  Stay tuned for more on those! I also found a mini-cooler I needed for $2 at another, which lead to many of my food-souvenirs being purchased. Food-veniers? )
  • 1 impromptu fine-dining meal at one of the toughest to get reservations in town (ate at bar at Husk per chef Jeremiah Bullfrog from Charleston’s recommendation when I tweeted that “I’ll never get a reso” – he knows things)
  • 1 Movie (yes, I could have done something more local with that time – but I also really wanted to see a movie and had a baby free night to maximize)
  • 1 bar – Greenhouse – yes, in a greenhouse.
  • 1 exercise walk – that ended up at a farmers market where I ate donuts… hmm…
  • 1 farmers market (goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy and baby food from Chubby Bunny purchased to take back home)
  • 1 food truck – Loco Donuts: cardamom ginger donuts!
  • 2 vintage stores (Old Made Good – the EXACT store I would open if I ever did that – please go visit them… I wonder if they would let me shop for them here in ATL…  and a clothing store)
  • 1 gourmet coffee shop: Barista Parlor (seriously – look at their cold drip coffee made scientist set up)
  • 1 visit to Porter Road Butcher ( added 2 spicy Italian sausages to my food-souvenirs)
  • 1 lunch at Mas Tacos Por Favor (but seriously, can I have mas?), with carrot/orange juice aqua fresa. Hot tip – they also have a food truck. Cash/check only though. Come prepared (or with someone more prepared than you like i do!)
  • LOTS of fun and games with my BFF (out there for a project at CMT this summer – she’s usually even further away in Los Angeles)




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