Dining like a Baller on a Pauper’s Budget

This week I was in Palm Beach, Florida for work and snagged a free afternoon. I knew I’d make a run for lunch to one of the phenomenal restaurants down there, and was oh so pleased to learn (by checking online) that Cafe Boulud had a Prix-Fixe tasting menu at lunch for ONLY $20.03!  


Prix-Fixe might limit your options a tiny bit, but the pay off of being able to eat at multi-course meal at an extraordinary fine dining restaurant for a fraction of the regular cost more than makes up for it. I enjoyed the Mesculun Salad starter, Filet entree ($10 upcharge – so worth it) and Raspberry Chocolate Sundae. Extra bonus: my date was a friend from Atlanta who just happened to be in town visiting her parents. 


I know Prix-Fixe is a regular deal in NYC, but remember to look for it elsewhere when you travel to try out fancy pants places you thought you might not otherwise afford. As this beautiful graphic illustrates: you don’t have to be Scrooge McDuck, Daddy Warbucks or the Great Gatsby to occasionally treat yourself to a special fine dining experience. (bonus points if you noticed the monocle in my photo). Bon Appetit! 


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