Oh yes, I MexiCAN



Reasons my lunch at Taqueria El Rey Del Taco on Buford Highway (near Atlanta, GA) rocked today: 

  • My lunch was $5.50 and the Tacos ROCKED (Pollo and Carnitas, thank you)
  • They brought out two chilled salsas in squirt bottles (so tasty, but so spicy) and a jar of cut up limes for me to doctor them up.
  • Look at the hours at this place – open until 5 a.m.? Cray
  • They were hand making tortillas on a press and the grill – check the photo evidence.
  • The decor is colorful and fun (hula hoops hung from ceiling not shown – what is going on with those at 4 a.m.?)
  • They have 6 juices ready to go – lemonade, mango… I opted for my roadie to be Horchata (not included in $5.50 price mentioned before). 
  • They have an extensive menu with something for everyone – ham and chesse torta? check! Tongue taco? they’ve got that! Maybe consider re-naming the Tripa/Bowels Taco – just sayin… 
  • I feel fairly confident I can bring baby boy here, no problem – just not during their vampire only hours 🙂 

Thank you to Lisa Schoolcraft with the Atlanta Business Chronicle for the rec. I bumped into her a few weeks back at an event and told her my theory on Buford Highway restaurants being more family friendly that others and she told me Taqueria El Rey Del Taco is not to be missed. Hat Tip to Lisa for the Hot Tip. 


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