What’s Crackalackin at the Cracker Barrel Country Store

I LOVE the Cracker Barrel Country Store. I’ve said it. I mean it.

The store is crazy well curated. There is an eclectic mix of practical items, seasonal decor and always something new you’ve never seen before. Need to buy a gift for someone “difficult to buy for” or that you just don’t know what to get? Head to the Cracker Barrel Country Store! At the very least, you can buy them a gift card to the restaurant. 

We stopped by a location near Macon, Georgia today on our drive back from Savannah and I snapped a few pics of items that caught my eye: 


Picnic Basket with Veggie Print – $14.99 (they also make a matching apron)

Milk Bottle Tea Light Holder – $24.99 Makes me want to treasure hunt some vintage milk bottles. 

Food in Jars Cookbook – $23.00 I want to do more pickling than preserving, but this still caught my eye. 

Tiny Cowboy Boots – $14.99 why oh why did these only go up to 12 months? I need a bigger size – so necessary!

Pig nose lollipop – $2.99 who doesn’t need this? 

Mommy with hunky Baby – baby not for sale

And then, to my surprise – the store is now online! I’m not sure that I personally would get as excited shopping online vs. in the brick and mortar store – but I like that it’s now an option (even just for browsing). 



  1. Cracker barrel is the best! Sometimes I like the store more than the food 🙂

    1. that store rocks. When waiting for our table, hubby and I used to play “what’s the strangest thing in here” where we split up and then tried to find it. He won – “breathing” fake cat.

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