The Cronut / Doughsant experience

Whatever you call it – I ate one today! 

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Read this

I’ve been hot on tracking down my own cronut to try for about a month. My sleuthing has included: 

  • gently mentioning to my pasty chef friends (please make me one, please  make me one)
  • asking my friend who works at a bakery products company if they will make me some in their test kitchen
  • talking non-stop about wanting to eat one

Well, thanks for a recent post by Corner Cafe on facebook showing that they were making Doughsant’s (other name trademarked) – TODAY WAS THE DAY! 

I went by the restaurant and bought one of each variety (I mean, if you’re going to try them… try them all).

Then I returned to the office where I non-appropriately told my team member: “We need to have a serious conservation….about these cronuts!” Which, turned into us parading around the office with them and getting EVERYONE to join us in the kitchen. 

It didn’t take long and we were down to tasting business. The verdict? Tastes very much like a fritter doughnut. Very tasty – not wait 5 hours in a line tasty – but now that they are available down the street, well worth the $2,95 to pick one up. 

Have you tracked yours down yet to try? I’m not buying into the Crookie though. Image



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