Vintage Jello Salad Gifting

One family recipe you will find at any and all holiday gatherings is our Cranberry Salad. I’m not 100% where it originally came from, but the copy we prepare it from came from my mom in my maternal grandmother’s handwriting.

As my Mom’s birthday was coming up, I knew I wanted to do something with it – so, I asked to borrow the original copy.

Here’s how the gift shaped up:

  • Kitchen towel with custom recipe – I found these on etsy a while back. I placed an order with EpocInk. I sent her a scan, she quickly sent back a few versions to choose from with different frame options. Easy peasy and a joy to work with. Highly recommended.
  • Vintage seafoam green tupperware jello mold – a thrift store gem!
  • The recipe ingredients – purchased for one batch!
  • The original recipe – I had to get it back to mom, so I tucked it in here before shrink wrapping.


The good news – Mom loved it. Not sure if it was a crazy Jello mold OR the fact that I put so much thought into it, but hopefully she will enjoy it all!


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