Pickle Pickle Pickle Jar

I made some pickles this weekend. They are so dang easy!

ImageI remembered my Grandmother making these awesome microwave sweet pickles. I grabbed some cucumbers at the Marietta Square Farmers Market this weekend (check out the glam bebe taking a sippy cup break at the market to the right), googled a recipe and got to work.

So super easy! I have some of the vintage throw back blue Ball jars that I bought for an upcoming party I’m throwing… it’s okay to make pickles in them in the mean time, right? 🙂 PS – if you’re looking for these, i found them at the best price ($8.50 for a set of 6) here. Sure, I had to pay shipping –  but they are hard to find or much more expensive. They were $14.99 at Michael’s this weekend – insanity.

I used this recipe. So far, so good! The ratio of onion to cucumber seems a bit high, but that would be the only thing I might tweak.

I brought baby boy into the kitchen while I was putting the pickles in the jars. I asked him if he wanted to touch the “pickle jar” and he started laughing – so I said “pickle pickle pickle jar” about 100x while he giggled. Who knows! That kid is crazy.

Will you try some of your own pickles soon? Do you have a great recipe I should know about?



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