Foodie Pen Pals – July’s Haul

FPP post Foodie Penpals

After an awesome start, I had to take a quick break from Foodie Pen Pals to focus on a few work events. I love Foodie Pen Pals – such an easy fun way to connect with others and do you own homemade “of the month club.”

This month, I was lucky enough to receive my mailing from Hannah from Ohio. She asked what I would be interested in receiving – I said I’d love local items and asked if she could track me down some “buckeyes.” My fav icecream flavor at Brewster’s is Peanut Butter Buckeye (if you see it, get it – you’re welcome!). I was dreaming of them as soon as we emailed about those tasty treats.

I was so excited to unpack the thoughtful Ohio package that Hannah put together. It included:

  • Summery lemonade
  • Local honey
  • Cincinnati spaghetti sauce – “Little Italy”  – her personal favorite
  • Guac seasoning
  • Italian olive oil seasoning
  • Ben’s sweet and spicy Mustard
  • and….. BUCKEYES!

I’ve been able to try out about 1/2 of the items since receiving last week. We had an awesome Italian dinner with the sauce. I mixed up the olive oil seasoning and used on everything from garlic bread to green beans this week. And of course, I’ve gobbled down the buckeyes! The items are so fun to explore and enjoy. I love Foodie Pen Pals, and thanks again to Hannah for putting together such a thoughtful package.



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