Monthly Archives: August 2013

Foodie Pen Pals – August’s Haul

  I’ve written before about this fun program, Foodie Pen Pals – check it out, you can opt in a month at a time, so you’re not signing your life away to participate.  This month my Foodie Pen Pal was Carly from Maryland. She treated me to a selection of her favorite items including:  Cheddar […]

My Writing Elsewhere – Dragon Con edition

Today my first piece for Eater Atlanta was posted! Check it out HERE. It may seem cray that it’s about Dragon Con and I’m posting in on this blog, but it’s about where to EAT and DRINK while attending my fav people watching event of the year! Here are a few oldie, but goodie fav […]

What a Crock!

But seriously, I stopped dead in my tracks during a recent target-ing (new verb!?) when I saw these beautes: My insane thought process upon finding this display: “I need these… all of these. What are they? What is happening here? I must buy them” “No, I have all of these appliances already.” “but mine are […]

Take Note – Notebook Paper Napkins

I first came across these cloth napkins from Leaf Cutter Designs that look like notebook paper in Food Network magazine over the weekend. I thought they were cute, but had to check my emotions when I saw the $32 price tag. Whaaaaaah! And then, today in the miraculous $1 bin at Target I found them… […]