What a Crock!

But seriously, I stopped dead in my tracks during a recent target-ing (new verb!?) when I saw these beautes:


My insane thought process upon finding this display:

“I need these… all of these. What are they? What is happening here? I must buy them”

“No, I have all of these appliances already.”

“but mine are not nearly as beautiful…”

“is my current/old crock pot a fire hazard?”


“Can I pretend it is to buy this new one?”


This is a perfect alternative to the hip new option of designing your own crockpot on crockpot.com (fun gift idea, but too much pressure!). It’s already gorgeous.

Crock-Pot® Cook ‘N Carry® 5-Quart Manual French Bull Slow Cooker

They are backordered on Target.com – see, everyone knows how perfect they are and snatched them all up!

Mine doesn’t have a snap on lid to take on the road – do I need to take crocky items on the road? Well, I haven’t considered this before, but I can imagine a life full of crockpot items ON THE GO.

New vision – me peddling the cruiser bike I want with sexy new crockpot sitting in the front basket. Oh, the adventures we would have.

(PS- I just shared this with hubby who told me I was insane… so is he buying it for me or what?)

ImageOkay – for those readers NOT obsessed with this crockpot (and even better for those who are), here is a new crockpot cooking find I came across at the international market. It’s sour orange liquid I’ve been using with pork chops in the slow cooker. I took the context clues from how to use it from the cartoon PIG drinking it on the bottle. It makes the outside deliciously sour, but isn’t sugary or thick. And the giant bottle that I used 2x was less than $2, so that’s pretty fab.

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