Tipping the scales on TV – I may have lost my mind

Friends, countrymen, lend me your ear…

I’m afraid I have lost my mind. I’ve signed up for the “Atlanta & Company” 2013 Northside Hospital Weight Smart Challenge. This means I’m doing a local weight loss competition that will be ON TV!

Someone called me Brave… yes, let’s go with that. I’m beginning to feel a little crazy and my new personal mantra is “don’t get cut first, don’t get cut first, don’t get cut first.”

I’ll tell you a little about the process to date:

First I applied online. Fun – yeah! Only took 10 minutes. Hee hee. I’m silly.

Then I received an email that I was a finalist and could I come in Monday for an interview?- uh oh, just got real. I MIGHT have to step on a scale on TV. Is that okay? How do I feel about that.

I went in for an on-camera interview… grilled by 8 people in the shadows to my left on why I wasn’t losing the weight. No tears, just jokes! That’s how I do…

A few days later I’m told I am one of the 12 contestants for this round of competition! It’s on, it’s happening. I’m doing this.

Last week we had our introductory lunch (“if we serve FOOD they will show up”) – where we were split into teams. Met our trainers from Team Fitness Athletics, ordered our Good Measure Meals. Started eating great and working out right away. (No more wine, but lots of whining…)

I’m sharing this all because #1, it’s crazy and I need lots of good vibes from everyone around me to rock it out and #2, they are featuring us on THIS Wednesday’s “Atlanta and Company” broadcast at 11 a.m. on WXIA-TV/NBC.

Check it out – cheer on the red team and I’ll keep you posted on the status. 

In the mean time back to my mantra… DON’T GET CUT FIRST, DON’T GET CUT FIRST, DON’T GET CUT FIRST

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  1. Mary Huff · · Reply

    You’ll stay in, they’ll need your fun ‘tude, and you can do it!

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