Gross Foot – hobbling to success?

Status update on my weight loss competition journey

ImageI started out STRONG – weighed in (aka tipped the scales) and then started eating SUPER healthy, no more wine (wah!) and was working out. Holy moly!

And then… a punishment for my awesome healthy behavior (in a competition no less), I got a CRAZY, insane, what is this blister on my foot that became a raging infection. I took a photo of my footie and texted in the the grossest text ever to my friend who is a physicians assistant who let me know I have cellulitis. Cellulite? Um, yes – Cellulitis, I’m not sure…


After DAYS of hobbling around, and then freaking out that I had a flesh eating bacteria eating my foot, I finally went to the ER for some meds. People kept telling me not to fool around with infections and I had already gone to urgent care with no improvement.

As soon as i started my new meds, I felt better almost immediately. I have been FREAKING out that everyone in the competition was literally running circles around me in the weight loss competition work out component.


I’m back strong now, but hope I make it through the weigh in next Tuesday and the first round of cuts. Don’t get cut first, don’t get cut first…

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