Round One – I survived!

Drumroll please…………..

I not only made it through the first round of cuts for the Northside Hospital New Start, Weight Smart Challenge – but I surprisingly (to me most of all) had the greatest weight loss on my team (9.8 lbs)! 


Oh yes, this was on TV today… extra extra, read all about my weight here – BOOM!


All of my nerves about my foot slowing me down early in the competition really lit a fire under me to control what I could, be great about my eating and get much more active overall. 

Now I just have to keep up this momentum for 10 more weeks (GULP). 

You can follow along with the fun TV segments every Wednesday on Atlanta & Company (WXIA-TV, NBC) at 11 a.m. and on their website – here. <— check it out, I went to TV today to talk about the experience. I can’t watch myself and generally have out of body experiences on TV, so I hope it’s okay. Here’s a pic from the appearance: 


Thank you to everyone for their encouragement and support during this journey. I’m hoping these healthy habits become my new normal. 

Extra special shout outs to Northside Hospital for curing my bum ankle, Good Measure Meals for the fantastic food and our trainers from Team Fitness Athletics for pushing us and supporting us. My team rocks – love the ladies on the red team. I’m so glad we’re all going to work out together until Dec and be skinny minnies together when someone on our team wins. Thanks again to Atlanta & Company/WXIA TV overall for this opportunity.

I also need to do the personal thank yous to my family – hubby for fending for himself food wise so I can do this, parents for watching baby boy so I can make my work outs – everyone for their mental support! 

ImageHere’s a photo of one of my favorite moments of the week, sorting my Good Measure Meals  by day after I pick up… check it out – they do it ALL (even your snacks!) and I seriously have found about an hour more in my day that I’m not spending on figuring out what to eat and preparing food – that newly found hour is enough time to work out. They need to market themselves for TIME savings, not just healthy options. 



  1. Mary Ann Hawthorne · · Reply

    Way to go! I’ve done Good Measure meals too and loved them!

    1. So far, so good – Mary Ann. Here’s hoping I can stay the course. Thank you for checking in!

  2. Jill Renee · · Reply

    Way to go girl. So proud of you.

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