Magic Unicorn Salt

You might think my eating has been bland during the weight loss challenge. You’d be WRONG.

Does this look bland to you?

unicorn lisa frank    salt

The food from Good Measure Meals is good, don’t get me wrong – but I still like to amp it up a little bit with my own seasonings. One of my favs is MAGIC UNICORN SALT.

What is in it? Do I even care? Just throw it on EVERYTHING. You will seriously not regret this purchase. Beautiful Briny Sea brand makes small batch culinary sea salts that will make you cry salty tears of joy.

Magic Unicorn Salt features pure ocean salt, smoked paprika, Meyer lemon juice, locally-grown garlic, rosemary and celery seed.

You can buy your own (truffle salt? lavender salt? Santa salt??) for $7 from – OR around Atlanta at farmer’s markets. I’ve also spotted it before at Oli & Ve in Buckhead.

While we’re on the magic unicorn topic, how cool are these Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers? Available from Nordstrom for $48. Combo pack gift idea for the holidays with the salt??

unicorn adlerunicorn adler 2

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  1. Wow… the article was right. You HAVE achieved unicorn status!! 🙂

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