Still in it – weight loss competition update

I’m overdue for updating everyone on the weight loss competition – in a surprise move, I was NOT cut from the team last week and I’m still in it! 

I was shocked that I lost 3.5 lbs since the last weigh in (they are every 2 weeks). During that time, I traveled to Austin, TX with some of the most distinctive eaters around – the Les Dames d’escoffier. There were HUGE buffets of high-end cheeses everywhere I turned and free flowing wine all day, every day. I was excited to learn that I could enjoy (a little) and then show some self control to help reach my goals. My friends got up early with me each morning to exercise and really helped keep me on track. 

I’ve lost between 16 and 17 lbs since the end of Sept. I’m not too concerned about when I’ll make my exit from the actual competition now… for a while I was scared that I’d go on TV, step on a scale, complain that I was fat and then immediately get cut. (yikers) Now that I look and feel better, I’m okay with it when it happens. I’m not doing this for the cameras, but the pressure from being on TV was a great motivator to get started – I’m doing this for ME. It’s my time to be selfish, because in the end my family benefits from having me healthy. 

I’m keeping up with healthy eating thanks to Good Measure Meals and my trainers from Team Fitness Athletics are still keeping us working out hard – but this is not for TV anymore, it’s for me. I’m grateful for the support of the TV show, and their partners (now my partners in success) – but it’s for me, not the viewing audience. 🙂

Tomorrow the other team, the Blue team weighs in – good luck everyone! Remember why you’re doing this. 

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