2013 Foodie Gift Guide

Who is this foodie gift guide for? Who is a “foodie”? Well, do you eat food? Know someone who does? Yes? Then you qualify!

I have either purchased, hope to receive, plan to gift or have been eye-balling/swooning over every item on this list. It is my goal that you can find just the right thing for someone on your list here – let me know if you do!

HOT TIP TO REMEMBER: Any of these items would be taken to the next level by including a handwritten recipe card of a special recipe that jives with the item. They are SO much easier than you think. I made some pretty happening ones HERE.


1. Banfi Rosa Regale – Prices vary between $15-$25 depending on year and seller.  I served this at a baby shower brunch this fall as an option at the mimosa bar and it was very popular. A fun option to bring as a hostess gift – a bit out of the norm, but not too off the wall. A crowd pleaser.

2. Stainless Steel Cold Cup – Rose Gold, 16 fl oz – $19.95  Weight loss tip: As you may know, I’ve been doing a weight loss competition for the past few months. I’ve noticed that I drink WAY more water when I have a straw cup vs. a water bottle (a new level of laziness – I can’t be bothered to remove a cap – but it’s true!). This cup made me say “oooh-la-la” when I saw it. Everyone can use one of these!

3. Gold Dipped Milk Bone Ornament – $24.00   A chic gold twist on a familiar item for the tree. Perfect for the dog lover. It would be fun to give this with a real box of milk bones.

4. Crock-Pot® Cook ‘N Carry® 5-Quart Manual French Bull Slow Cooker – $34.99                                                                       I’m obsessed with this. Read about my love for it HERE.

5. Apres Ski latte mug – $12.00   I like the vintage-y art and shape of this mug. Makes me want to put on a fleecy scarf and earmuffs. Wintery without being Christmasy. Good for all recipients over the age of 10 (read: who won’t smash it).

6. Play Food Breakfast Set – $7.99  There are play pancakes and bacon here. Already picked one up for baby boy (to stock a play kitchen he’s getting this year). Too cute!

7. Ornament Coasters – $.99   I looked everywhere at the Atlanta Ikea for these with no luck – but I think they are rad. Scoop ‘em up if you find them. Would be great to give when you need to buy 10 gifts for the office, as teacher gifts (with mug or gift card) or along with a bottle of your BFF’s fav booze.

8. Mini muffin pan – $6.99  Inexpensive and fun. Of course, you can make mini-muffins, cupcakes or two-bite brownies in these – BUT my new discovery is how wonderful this is for a toddler plate. Baby boy LOVES when I fill this up with his dinner in the different compartments  (think 4 mac and cheese, 4 salami, 4 mandarin orange compartments) – which means I can actually eat while he explores. Great idea for parents of babies for many different reasons.

9. Mrs. Fields Personalized Cookie Tin – $27.99 – 32.99  Proven hit! You need lead time for these, but they are worth it. I sent one to my Grandpa for his 91st birthday this year. If you have a photo of the recipient or someone they love, make it happen. My Grandpa keeps his in the kitchen now and puts other treats in it.

10. Vintage Pyrex Tea Towel – $9.25   I love me some vintage Pyrex. The colors are so pretty and it makes me happy to use my mom’s blue and white mixing bowl set when I’m baking or my gold and white baking dish to heat up some meatballs for baby boy in the oven. This fab seller brings Pyrex to tea towels. SOLD! Remember to search Etsy.com for special interest items like this. You never know what you’ll find.

11. Bella Tea Kettle – $49.99  So pretty! I’ve taken to making my tea (or sugar-free diet hot chocolate) with hot water from my Keurig, but this lady has my attention.

12. Scrollwork Apron – $24.00   Possibly too pretty to get anything on while cooking.

13. LOVE Bookends – $49.00 Oh hi, I’m Allison and I like to shop at décor stores geared towards tweens. I’ve accepted this. I love the bright colors and price points. So, this one is a bit of a cheat – but I LOVE these LOVE bookends and think they would be a fun way to display cookbooks (food tie in!).

14. Dish Towel, 2 pack – $4.99  Simple, cute, Christmasy. I snapped these up this weekend for my own kitchen. Who wouldn’t these be great for?

15. MAC Cosmetics – Honey Lust eye shadow – $15.00   Non-food related item (well, it has HONEY in the name), but I just have to share. I get more compliments when I wear this eye shadow than any other. I restocked it when I had baby boy because I like that I can wear it alone (vs. having to blend with 4 other shades) and now I rock it on the regular (Wink!). Good for any gals on your list.

16. Kate Spade Initial Mug – $15.00  I’m biased on these because I love the colors on the “A” mug so much. Not good for a white elephant exchange, but perfect for anyone whose name you actually know!

17. Bamboo Salt Box (with Maldon Salt Flakes) – $8.99 and $5.89  Yes, the salt flakes were also in the New York Times gift guide – BUT it got me thinking about how much I would love a salt cellar, and led me to this bamboo beaute. Together the salt and salt box make a thoughtful and cost effective gift. Perfect hostess gift!


  1. I love item number 13. Does that make me a tween, as well? Ok. Yes. I’ll take it. I don’t care. I love those book ends! And so affordable 🙂

    1. lovers of tweenager gear unite! so cute

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